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Russian hackers are coming!

15 февраля 2017, в 21:06

Russian hackers are coming!

No country in the world is not such a large number of intellectuals in Russia.

Indeed, if in other countries, in order to be though - would more or less approximate prof. IT people need to learn 4-5 years, thus spend no small sum for education. That in Russia, however, almost every first, is a professor. IT people, self-taught. And what to do, a very rich and ancient gene pool in Russian.

Only the Russian know how to assemble and disassemble the operating system (OS). Do one of three different and vice versa. Restore "fallen" or install new windows, to any home machine. Russian only able razvolochit any program repeatedly and improve the gathering, so much so that it does not recognize the manufacturer. And even if it is constantly grazes on his server.

Russian only do these things without the special skills and education. For russkih- is like for a person with a Western education, still, that the network behind the wheel, and not even a machine, and bicycle and go from point A to point B.

So the other day Western agencies. inc. reported that the alleged Russian, created and launched the new network system module.

Attention! The latest operating system "matryoshka"!

(OS) with Intelligent self. In other words, artificial intelligence.

As one well-known journalist, Russian OS "matryoshka", is unique in the history of the world of creation, simulation, operation, operating systems. In addition, it is ahead of them to 10-20 years.

Since the volume of the operating system is 500 MB. on the hard disk. The entire hierarchy is based on the principle of Russian nesting dolls. The reaction time for any team is one billionth of milliseconds. Built-in self-intelligence module operates on the idea, borrowed from the well-known developer of the OS. Namely, when such windows 10 performs surveillance users until pressing buttons on the keyboard. This idea is embodied in the OS "Matryoshka" in the form of gaming dominance. OS also monitors user activity and sends it to the server, and gets back the processed instruction code. So the very system is trained, the parameters and channels of learning OS user selects independently and can completely disable the feature if desired.

Very many functional apparently not yet aware of it. Follow the events and publications.

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